Figo vs. Trupanion

Figo and Trupanion are both leading pet insurance providers, offering coverage for dogs and cats. Here’s a detailed comparison of the two:

Figo vs. Trupanion: At a Glance

  • Plans Offered: Figo offers 3 plans (Essential, Preferred, Ultimate), while Trupanion offers 1 plan.
  • Illness and Injury Coverage: Both Figo and Trupanion cover illnesses and injuries.
  • Pre-Existing Conditions Covered: Neither Figo nor Trupanion cover pre-existing conditions.
  • Deductible Options: Figo offers deductibles ranging from $100 to $750, while Trupanion offers deductibles from $0 to $1,000.
  • Reimbursement Options: Figo offers reimbursements of 70% to 100%, whereas Trupanion offers a fixed 90% reimbursement rate.
  • Optional Add-Ons/Riders: Figo offers Veterinary Exam Fees for Accident and Illness Visits, while Trupanion offers Recovery and Complementary Care, and Pet Owner Assistance.

Figo vs. Trupanion: Coverage

  • Figo: Offers 3 plans with different annual coverage limits. Covers a wide range of veterinary needs but excludes pre-existing conditions and certain procedures.
  • Trupanion: Offers customizable coverage with a sliding scale of deductibles. Covers injuries, illnesses, and breed-specific conditions but excludes pre-existing conditions and certain treatments like dental care.

Figo vs. Trupanion: Enrollment Process

  • Figo: Quick and easy online enrollment process with clear information on costs and coverage. Waiting periods apply for accidental injuries, illnesses, and knee conditions.
  • Trupanion: Online enrollment process is straightforward but not as modern. Waiting periods apply for injuries and illnesses.

Figo vs. Trupanion: Claim Filing

  • Figo: Offers a positive digital experience for claims submission through the Figo Pet Cloud. Claims are typically reimbursed within 7 to 10 days.
  • Trupanion: Processes about 60% of claims in 24 hours or less. Offers direct payment to veterinarians for some claims and faster processing times.

Figo vs. Trupanion: Reviews

  • Figo: Earns around 3.8 stars on Trustpilot and 3.0 stars on Yelp, with occasional complaints about claims experience and rate increases.
  • Trupanion: Earns around 4.4 stars on Trustpilot and 2.5 stars on Yelp, with occasional complaints about claim denials and rate increases.

Figo vs. Trupanion: Costs

  • Figo: Offers plans with different annual coverage limits and deductible options. Prices vary based on factors like breed, age, and location.
  • Trupanion: Offers customizable coverage with a range of deductible options. Prices may be higher compared to Figo but offer more extensive coverage.

Bottom Line: Figo vs. Trupanion

  • Figo: Offers affordable plans with customizable coverage options. Superior online enrollment process and positive customer reviews.
  • Trupanion: Provides extensive coverage with customizable deductibles. Faster claims processing and direct payment to veterinarians available. Generally more expensive than Figo but offers comprehensive coverage options.

Who Should Use Figo or Trupanion?

  • Pet owners concerned about affording medical treatment for their pets should consider both Figo and Trupanion. Figo may be a better option for those prioritizing affordability, while Trupanion may be preferred for those seeking comprehensive coverage options.

Ultimately, the choice between Figo and Trupanion depends on your pet’s needs, your budget, and your preferences regarding coverage and claims processing. Be sure to carefully review each provider’s offerings before making a decision.

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