Chainlink has created a new app called ‘Transporter’ for transferring cryptocurrency between different blockchains.

Chainlink has made a new app called the transporter. It helps send and keep an eye on transactions across different blockchains.

Chainlink announced that they built the application using their Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol, which is the standard for cross-chain compatibility.

The company talked about the new Transporter app as a very safe way to transfer tokens between different blockchains. They said it is built on Chainlink CCIP to provide very high levels of security.

App lets people move different tokens.

The Transporter app lets people move tokens between different blockchains like Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, and WEMIX.

“Transporter helps people use Chainlink CCIP to send big amounts of tokens and important messages safely across different chains,” explained Sergey Nazarov, who helped start Chainlink, in a statement.

Nazarov said he is happy that Transporter is making it easier to move money and information securely between different blockchains, which is something the blockchain industry has needed for a long time.

Chainlink announced a new way to transfer tokens for CCIP. It lets you move native ETH between different chains using WETH token pools.

“The company said this is the first time they have added a lock and unlock system to CCIP. ”

Transporter helps people keep track of their things.

Chainlink states that the Transporter app is made to make users feel calm by having an easy-to-use interface and support available worldwide 24/7. The app has a visual tracker that shows the current status of their cross-chain transactions in real-time.

Transporter helps users follow their things and messages during a transaction using the Transporter app and the Chainlink CCIP Explorer.

Free of charge.

Chainlink said the new app doesn’t cost extra money, just the usual fees for using CCIP. These fees cover the gas costs of finishing transactions and the fees paid to CCIP service providers on the other chain.

Two investment companies, Fourth Revolution Capital and Moonrock Capital, were among the first to use the Transporter app, according to Chainlink.

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