Amazon said it has bought a small part of Anthropic AI, a company that competes with ChatGPT, for $4 billion.

Amazon invested $4 billion in a company called Anthropic, which is a competitor of ChatGPT. This means Amazon now partially owns Anthropic.

In a recent news, a big company put $2. 75 billion more into Anthropic. They had already invested $1. 25 billion in September.

Anthropic is a new company started by people who used to work at OpenAI. They have made a chatbot called Claude that is competing with ChatGPT.

The company just revealed Claude 3, its newest version that can look at pictures and chat with people.

ChatGPT Rival Anthropic picks AWS as its cloud company.

In the investment deal, Amazon revealed that Anthropic picked Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its main cloud provider for important work, like safety research and developing future models.

Anthropic will use AWS Trainium and Inferentia chips to build, teach, and put into operation its new models.

“We have a strong relationship with Anthropic, working together to help all kinds of organizations worldwide use advanced artificial intelligence in their operations,” said Swami Sivasubramanian, AWS Vice President of Data and AI.

He called generative AI the most life-changing technology of our time.


Amazon has spent a lot of money on AI. They also made a new AI assistant called Amazon Q for businesses.

Amazon Q has a chatbot that can help solve problems, create content, and do other tasks.

While ChatGPT is very popular in AI, Amazon is not the only big company investing in Anthropic. Many other tech giants are also interested in this promising AI startup.

Last October, Google said it will give Anthropic $500 million. They want to give them even more, up to $2 billion.

Like many famous AI chatbot creators, Anthropic has been in legal trouble for using copyrighted material and stealing data.

The company was sued by Universal Music Group in January.

UMG said Anthropic did something wrong by using, copying, and sharing copyrighted works from their collection during AI training.

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Three big companies that work on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are joining together.

SingularityNET, Fetchai, and Ocean Protocol want to combine their digital money to create a decentralized AI platform. They hope this will help the three companies work together better.

The companies are thinking about making a new ASI token that could be worth about $7. 5 billion

The merger plans need to be approved by the communities before they can go ahead. We might hear an official announcement as soon as Wednesday.

SingularityNET, Fetchai, and Ocean Protocol will still do their own work, but they will also work together as a team called the Superintelligence Collective.

However, some people are not hopeful about AI-related crypto tokens.

In a new study, popular digital currency exchange Coinbase said the increase in the AI token market might be because of excitement instead of real usefulness.

The report said that people might think AI tokens are worth more than they really are because people are paying a lot of attention to the AI industry. The report also said that there might not be enough people wanting to buy the tokens in the near future, so their value might not stay high.

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