Zooko Wilcox, the person who started Zcash, will no longer be the CEO of Electric Coin.


Zooko Wilcox, who made the private blockchain network Zcash, is stepping down from his job as CEO of Electric Coin Co. The company that creates Zcash. Wilcox has been running the project since it began in 2015.

The Board of Directors, which includes Wilcox, Christina Garman, Alan Fairless, Michelle Lai, and Zaki Manian, were the ones who made the decision.

After working at Electric Coin Company for five and a half years, Josh Swihart will be the new CEO. Swihart has been guiding the company’s growth for the last two years. Prior to that, Swihart was in charge of marketing for seven months in 2018.

Swihart is a great leader who can choose the best items for the market, make friends with others, make Zcash easier to use, and get more people to use it. After Swihart took a break, he started working part-time as an investor for Denver Angels in Colorado. Swihart is very skilled at creating new things, running businesses, and knowing about technology. ECC approved Swihart’s ideas for ECC and fully supported Zcash. They trust him to lead them.

Swihart wrote in a blog that Zcash plans to make money from their product in the future. They will work to make the product better, more helpful, and ensure the business continues to make a profit.

Wilcox remembered the time he spent making Zcash in a different way. He said the meeting was great. He said it’s important to find the right balance between Zcash and his personal life because they are difficult to keep apart.

After quitting his job as CEO of Electric Coin Company, Wilcox said he will take some time to figure out how he can help in the best way. He said that Zcash has had a bigger effect on history than any individual person.

He said he will always include Zcash in his future plans because he thinks the Zcash community is the best chance for freedom. This shows that he still believes in Zcash’s goals and ideas even though he has a new job at the company. Wilcox will continue to work as a director for the company Bootstrap Project, which is owned and operated by ECC.

Zcash is improving privacy on its blockchain and getting new leaders.

Zcash’s secret way to make transactions on blockchain is becoming more important and causing changes.

In 2016, Zcash started as its own network apart from Bitcoin. This feature is well-known for keeping information secret when people make transactions. It uses “z-addresses” and “shielded addresses” to keep things private. Zcash keeps transactions secret by using a special type of math called zk-SNARK. In 2023, blockchain technology will be very important.

Zcash’s technical documents say that zk-SNARK helps z-address owners share transaction data with people they trust using a view key. You can see information for free using the view key. Also, it keeps a record of money exchanges and lets people decide who can look at their information. This tool helps you to follow rules about taxes, keep track of payments, and remove any illegal money.

The Electric Capital’s blog says that Zooko Wilcox helped them create Zcash, which was the first time zero-knowledge proofs were used practically. Zcash uses a special technology called zk-SNARK to make transactions on the blockchain safer and more private. Zcash uses a special technology called zk-SNARK to make transactions on the blockchain safer and more private. It keeps the details of the transactions confidential and secure.

ZEC, a digital currency from Zcash, decreased by 5%. The value of this currency went up by 8% in the last day, just like other online currencies. The cost didn’t really change much.

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