Specialists are warning that using an iPhone to download apps from places other than the App Store could lead to more scams involving cryptocurrencies.


A recent report says that Apple is thinking about letting iPhone users in the EU get apps from places other than the official App Store. This follows the new rules for online markets in that area. This potential change has made online security experts concerned. They believe that there will be more fake emails trying to steal from people who use cryptocurrency.

Security companies are warning people about the dangers of phishing attacks.

It’s been reported that Apple is working on a new policy starting in 2022, but they haven’t officially announced it yet. Security companies are saying that using this could make iPhone users more likely to be harmed.

A recent report from SlowMist, a company that protects blockchain, says that many people in China who have Android phones have lost money because of fake messages that try to steal their information. These attacks happened because people used fake apps that were not from the Google Play store. Some people say that if iPhone lets you install apps from outside the App Store, it could make it easier for hackers to steal money from cryptocurrency investors. This could mean fooling people to share their personal information, steal money or passwords, and other risky things.

Specialists recommend being cautious when downloading apps from sources other than the official app stores.

David Schwed, the person in charge at Halborn, a company that makes sure blockchain is safe, said in an interview that apps from unofficial sources may have harmful code that looks like real software. He said that the protection in the iOS system may not completely protect users from harmful apps that deceive them and take advantage of their trust.

In October 2021, Apple warned that downloading apps from places other than the official App Store could make it easier for hackers to spread harmful software. The company warns that hackers can fool people into downloading apps from places other than the official app store by making them appear like they are from the store.

To avoid getting tricked, people who use cryptocurrency should not click on unfamiliar links, watch out for strange website names, and always check before typing in passwords or allowing transactions. Downloading apps from official stores like Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store reduces the chances of getting harmful software.

The EU might make iPhone users able to download apps from other places, not just the App Store. But we don’t know if Apple will agree to this yet. Right now, people who buy cryptocurrency should be cautious when they are asked to download apps from places that are not the App Store. When things are made easy for you, it’s more likely that someone might try to trick you into sharing your personal information.

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