Today in Crypto: 10101, KuCoin launched a new service called KuCard, and Binance saw a large amount of money removed following a statement from CZ. Banksy’s Turf War is being sold, according to art.

Exchange News:

  1. Binance Outflows Since CEO Resignation: Nansen, a blockchain data analytics company, reports significant outflows from Binance following CZ’s resignation as CEO. However, the outflows, totaling $599.8 million over the last day, are relatively minor compared to Binance’s total assets, which remain over $65 billion. Despite a decline in the value of the BNB token, the exchange’s assets are stabilizing.
  2. KuCoin Introduces KuCard: KuCoin has launched a new cryptocurrency debit card called KuCard. This card allows users to spend their digital assets like regular money at any store that accepts debit cards. KuCard supports transactions with Apple Pay and Google Pay, offering convenience and flexibility. Initially available to residents of the European Economic Area, KuCoin plans to make KuCard accessible worldwide in the future.

NFT News:

  1. 10101art to Sell Banksy’s Turf War: 10101art, specializing in tokenizing art, has announced the sale of Banksy’s renowned piece “Turf War” as a digital token. The artwork, a punk rock portrait of Winston Churchill, will be available for purchase as an NFT during the pre-sale starting on November 27. Limited pieces are offered at a discount, with the remaining pieces priced at $100 each. Buyers also have the chance to receive one of 15 free NFTs and reserve a spot for the Mint NFT artwork “Turf War.”

Payments News:

  1. Topper Now Accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay: Uphold’s Web3 financial platform, Topper, now supports payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay. This integration enables users to purchase over 200 digital assets more conveniently and quickly. It aims to increase cryptocurrency adoption by facilitating easier transactions and offering diverse payment options.

Entertainment News:

  1. SCB 10X Partners with T-POP Incorporation for Virtual Concert: SCB 10X, a division of SCBX Group focusing on new businesses, has teamed up with T-POP Incorporation to organize a virtual concert featuring the Thai girl group 4EVE. The concert will take place in the metaverse, allowing fans worldwide to engage in Thai pop culture through an innovative virtual experience. SCB 10X has previously developed a virtual headquarters in the Sandbox metaverse, offering various areas for fans to explore.

Gaming News:

  1. BLOCKLORDS Releases Second Video “Slay the Bear”: BLOCKLORDS, a medieval online game emphasizing strategy and economics, has unveiled its second video titled “Slay the Bear.” Players can earn real money through the game by leveraging blockchain technology and engaging in strategic gameplay. The video, created in collaboration with Axis Studios, showcases new gameplay features and rewards for players of the free PC game. BLOCKLORDS, currently in open beta on the Epic Games Store, aims to attract more players for its upcoming season one.

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