Ubisoft, the studio behind Assassin’s Creed, wishes to launch a free event for Ethereum NFTs in their game “Champions Tactics.”

Ubisoft Offers Free Digital Collectibles for Champions Tactics Game

Ubisoft, a renowned gaming company, recently announced the launch of “The Warlords PFP Collection” for its new game Champions Tactics. Here’s a breakdown of the key details:

Introduction of The Warlords PFP Collection:

  • On November 16, Ubisoft introduced “The Warlords PFP Collection” on Twitter, marking the first Ubisoft free mint on Ethereum.
  • Gamers were encouraged to engage by liking, sharing, retweeting, and commenting on the post to participate.
  • The company announced that 50 followers who replied with “ChampionsTactics” would be randomly selected for the allowlist and invited to join the private Discord.

Champions Tactics Game Overview:

  • Champions Tactics is described as an online game set in a dark fantasy world where players battle each other.
  • Ubisoft plans to release the game on computers at the beginning of the next year, with players starting with a free Champions drop.

Claiming a Warlord:

  • A Warlord is a unique digital image that serves as a profile picture and grants early access to game figurines known as Champions.
  • Each Warlord has 170 different items, including armor, weapons, and headgear, with some characteristics being rarer than others.
  • Only 9,999 Warlords will be minted, with 999 reserved for future prizes and collaborations and 1,000 distributed to the Oasys blockchain community.
  • The remaining 8,000 Warlords will be available for the community to claim during the mint.

Minting Process:

  • The minting process occurs in two phases: Private Mint and Public Mint.
  • The Private Mint is open for 8 hours to specific user groups, while the Public Mint is open all day for anyone to participate.
  • Participants can create between 2-4 Warlords based on their user level, with different limits for each user group.
  • Having additional Warlords beyond one does not grant extra benefits for early access to Champions mint.

Regional Restrictions:

  • Players from certain countries and regions, including Algeria, China, Iran, Russia, and Syria, among others, may be unable to play the game due to regional restrictions.

Ubisoft’s initiative to offer free digital collectibles for Champions Tactics demonstrates their commitment to engaging the gaming community and creating immersive gaming experiences. However, regional restrictions may limit accessibility for some players.

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