Solana Mobile Chapter 2 was all sold in just one day. What is making people so excited.


Solana Mobile just came out with a new web3 phone called Chapter 2, and many people want to buy it. All the preorders were gone in just one day.

The Solana Mobile Chapter 2 phone was released this week. It is a less expensive version of the company’s first web3 phone, the Saga. Chapter 2 is cheaper than the Saga. It costs $450, while the Saga costs $599.

Chapter 2: How the Eclipse Saga was Sold in the First Year.

Raj Gokal from Solana Labs said that Chapter 2 reached its seven-day sales goal in just one day. On the first day, 25,000 people made an order. After that, in the first 30 hours, another 30,000 people placed orders.

This is a big change from the Saga, which didn’t sell well last year when it first came out for $1000. The Saga became famous when it was sold for $599 and started giving out bitcoin prizes to people who had unregulated programs.

SAGA became popular fast because the Bonk app promised to give 30 million BONK tokens to SAGA owners for no cost. In the past, the value of 30 million BONK tokens was higher than the price of the SAGA phone, which was $599. This means that people can get the SAGA gadget for free by using their BONK cryptocurrency reward. This means people can get the SAGA gadget for no cost by using their BONK cryptocurrency reward.

The campaign did really well, and SAGA sold out in just two days after it was announced. Lots of people who enjoy using cryptocurrency received some free tokens and cell phones.

In a week, Chapter 2 will sell more than Saga did in a whole year. This means a lot of people are interested in buying Solana Mobile’s new affordable web3 phone.

Why do a lot of people want to order something before it’s available.

A lot of people want to buy Chapter 2 presale tickets for various reasons.

The phone can do all the things the Saga does on the internet, but it costs less at $450. People who are interested in digital money are beginning to like web3 phones. These phones have a special place to store digital money and allow you to use apps that are not controlled by any one company.

Also, because the BONK marketing for the Saga was very successful, people are looking forward to the next phone to provide even better benefits.

Chapter 2 of the Saga won’t have the starting token for winning prizes. However, Solana Mobile will collaborate with other cryptocurrency projects to provide incentives to people who purchase their phones.

Finally, Solana Mobile released Chapter 2 to provide more options for web3 developers and users. The platform can use any type of token or NFT, and you don’t have to pay to use it. This motivates bitcoin projects to collaborate with Solana Mobile.

Will fans continue to be interested in Chapter 2 of Solana Mobile.

The important question is if Solana Mobile can keep people interested in Chapter 2 and keep selling well before it comes out in early 2025.

The company needs to fulfill its promise to give bitcoin rewards to Chapter 2 owners. People might only want it because they’re really excited, but that excitement will probably fade. Tech fans tend to lose interest quickly.

However, lots of people are buying web3 phones, which means they are becoming very popular. If Solana Mobile is good, then more people may start using web3 on their phones because of Chapter 2.

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