OpenAI doesn’t want their employees to leave because they are having big arguments.


OpenAI leaders are working to solve problems after one of the co-founders, Sam Altman, had to go.

Bloomberg News reported that Anna Makanju, who is the Vice President for Global Affairs at OpenAI, told employees that the company is working on a plan.

“Heavy talks”

The report says that OpenAI leaders are still working on finding solutions that everyone can agree on. They are discussing these solutions today.

Makanju said that it can be difficult to stay calm when people have long and serious talks.

On Friday, the leaders of OpenAI said they fired Altman because he wasn’t honest with them.

On Friday, the company announced that the board doesn’t believe he can still be in charge of OpenAI.

Greg Brockman, who helped start OpenAI, left the company when he found out he was fired.

Microsoft’s boss, Satya Nadella, said he is making a new team with Altman and Brockman to work on smart computers.

Nadella was glad to provide them with the things they need to be successful.

Employees want to leave their jobs.

700 employees at OpenAI wrote a letter to the bosses asking them to resign and rehire Altman, who was fired unexpectedly.

The letter says that you have shown that you cannot control OpenAI with your actions. We can’t work with people who don’t have the right skills, can’t make good decisions, or don’t care about our goals or employees. We cannot work with people who do not have the right skills, cannot make good decisions, or do not care about our goals or employees.

Lots of workers on X began sharing the message “OpenAI needs its people” and the letter.

Mira Murati took over as the acting CEO after Altman left, and she helped the people who were fired. Murati has left, and Emmett Shear from Twitch is now in charge of OpenAI.

“I will do my best to bring the company back together. “

“I had a great time at OpenAI,” Altman said after he quit the company. “It made a big difference to me and maybe it made the world a better place too. I enjoyed working with very skilled people the most. ”

Ilya Sutskever, the main scientist at OpenAI, apologized for the decision on Monday. A lot of people believe he was a main reason why Altman left the company.

“I feel sorry for taking part in the board’s decisions,” said Ilya Sutskever, the company’s top scientist. I didn’t want to harm OpenAI. “I enjoyed everything we did together, and I will do my best to reunite the company. ” Rewrite this text using easier words: “Please change the wording in this text.

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