NHL Launches Innovative Digital Platform: NHL Breakaway

On November 15th, the National Hockey League (NHL) unveiled its latest digital endeavor named NHL Breakaway. This groundbreaking initiative emerged from a collaboration between the NHL, NHL Players’ Association (NHLPA), NHL Alumni Association (NHLAA), and Sweet, marking a significant milestone in sports entertainment.

Revolutionary Features

NHL Breakaway introduces an immersive online experience where enthusiasts can collect, trade, and showcase digital cards within a hockey-themed virtual marketplace. Additionally, participants can engage in various challenges to unlock exclusive rewards, enhancing their interaction with the sport.

Sweet CEO Tom Mizzone expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We aim to revolutionize sports experiences through innovative digital gaming and social media integration.”

Unique Offerings

The platform boasts distinctive elements like a dedicated trade zone, personalized profile customization, and opportunities for fans to win authentic NHL experiences. Mizzone emphasized that through collaboration, they merged the NHL’s rich history with contemporary gamification techniques, redefining the concept of collectibles and enabling fans to relive iconic moments in hockey history, both past and future.

Limited Edition Packs

NHL Breakaway presents its inaugural offering in the form of a beginner pack priced at $19, featuring six digital cards spotlighting renowned hockey figures like Jack Eichel, Luke Hughes, and Elias Pettersson. With only 5,000 packs available, enthusiasts have until September 2024 to secure their piece of hockey history.

Immersive Digital Experience

David Lehanski, NHL’s head of business development and innovation, lauded NHL Breakaway for its captivating digital ambiance, likening the experience to being present in an NHL arena. From stunning graphics to authentic game sounds, the platform promises an unparalleled journey for fans.

Community-Centric Approach

Originally announced in June 2022, NHL Breakaway underwent a beta release in April 2023, with early users dubbed “founding fans” contributing valuable feedback for platform refinement.

Sweet’s track record of crafting digital collectibles for esteemed brands like Macy’s, the New York Knicks, and Old Navy instills confidence in NHL Breakaway’s potential. Jasmine Lew, a senior director at Sweet, underscored the team’s dedication to revolutionizing hockey fandom, offering a dynamic platform that showcases players’ prowess in an engaging and interactive manner.

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