Allegations have been made against GS Partners for deceiving cryptocurrency investors using Metaverse scams.


Several states have accused GS Associates of defrauding investors through bogus cryptocurrency schemes. The enforcement action targets companies owned by GS Partners, including GSB Gold Standard Bank Ltd., Swiss Valorem Bank Ltd., and GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG.


GS Partners allegedly advertised and sold digital tokens linked to a building in Dubai, virtual real estate, and other cryptocurrencies. They promised significant returns, claiming investments were backed by gold and utilizing blockchain technology for wealth-building opportunities.

Fraudulent Offerings:

Authorities assert that these offerings were entirely fraudulent and lacked real value. GS Partners is accused of using well-known celebrities like boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and soccer player Roberto Carlos to attract investors to their schemes.

Regulatory Response:

California and Texas have ordered GS Partners to cease operations immediately due to the emergency. Additionally, authorities in Alabama, Kentucky, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and other states are pursuing legal action against GS Partners for deceiving investors about their cryptocurrency assets.

Consumer Protection:

Regulators aim to halt these alleged fraudulent schemes to prevent further harm to investors. The crackdown underscores the importance of protecting consumers from negative developments in the digital asset market, according to industry observers.


The accusations against GS Partners highlight the risks associated with fraudulent cryptocurrency schemes and the need for robust regulatory oversight to safeguard investors. Authorities are taking decisive action to address these issues and protect consumers from potential financial harm in the digital asset market.

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