Former U.S. President Donald Trump Sells Ethereum Holdings Worth $2.4 Million


Former United States President Donald Trump recently sold a large part of his Ethereum investment, which was worth $2. 4 million, as reported by the company Arkham Intelligence.

Ethereum buying and selling and the use of digital wallets.

Arkham Intelligence shared a picture of a crypto wallet’s transactions over three weeks, indicating that Trump is selling his Ethereum money. The company said that the wallet is linked to Trump, and it has been used to sell Ethereum on Coinbase. Arkham Intelligence observed that Trump had $4 million worth of Ethereum before he started selling it.

Confirmation that Trump owns cryptocurrency.

In August, Arkham Intelligence said the wallet belonged to the former U. S owner Leader of a country. Trump suggested that he owned $5 million in Ethereum earnings from NFT royalties in a cryptocurrency wallet.

Financial disclosures and NFT royalty payments.

According to papers given to the U. S In January, the Office of Government Ethics said that Trump could have made as much as $1 million from selling his NFTs through CIC Digital. This discovery tells us about Trump’s role in cryptocurrency, especially through the money he makes from NFT trading cards that started in December 2022.

Criticism of Trump and Biden’s Knowledge about Cryptocurrency

Criticism has been given to Trump and President Biden because people think they don’t understand cryptocurrency and NFTs, even though Trump has shown interest in them. Representative Dean Phillips said he’s not very familiar with cryptocurrency and technology, and he thinks that both Trump and Biden don’t know much about them either.

The impact of politics and who will lead in the future.

Phillips’ comments highlight bigger worries about whether political leaders are ready to handle new technologies. The top people running for president have very different ideas about how to run the country. People wonder if they are ready for the job. Phillips said that because Trump and Biden are old, they might not be able to lead well in a world that is more and more digital.

Trump’s digital artwork collection called “MugShot” in simple words.

In a strange change, Trump just revealed a collection of digital artwork called “MugShot” that shows his past arrests as NFTs. People who buy 47 or more $99 digital trading cards can get a special reward: dinner with Trump and a piece of the suit he wore when he was arrested.

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