Hong Kong Authorities Block Two Crypto Websites Suspected of Fraud


The Securities and Prospects Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong has issued a public caution with respect to two crypto firms suspected of locks in in extortion.

The guard dog has cautioned the open to be attentive of “LonShiX” and “Bitbank (Worldwide) Money related Holding Group,” both purportedly locks in in exercises related to virtual resources.

Prior this month, Hong Kong SFC had crakced down on two crypto websites suspected of locks in in false exercises.

Crypto Firms Faked Registerations With SFC

LonShiX, working beneath untrue pretenses, claimed a Hong Kong address on its site, deluding potential speculators. The substance allured people to open venture accounts by erroneously showing itself as a recognized venture proficient embraced by banks over different social media stages and moment informing administrations.

Essentially, the SFC communicated concern approximately Bitbank (Worldwide) Monetary Holding Bunch, highlighting its name’s striking similitude to a authentic Japanese cryptocurrency trade. In spite of this likeness, the two substances are irrelevant. The SFC suspects Bitbank (Worldwide) Money related Holding Bunch of spreading untrue and deluding data online, counting claims of having an SFC permit and purportedly applying for a virtual resource benefit supplier permit.

The Hong Kong Police Constrain has blocked the websites of LonShiX and Bitbank (Worldwide) Money related Holding Gather, as well as their related X accounts, at the ask of the SFC.

Both LonShiX and Bitbank (Worldwide) Money related Holding Gather have found themselves on the China Securities Administrative Commission’s suspicious virtual resource exchanging stage caution list as of December 20, 2023.

The SFC, emphasizing its commitment to financial specialist security, cautions the open against falling for “too great to be true” venture openings, particularly those proliferated through social media and moment informing stages.

Earlier, JPEX scandal that hoodwinked casualties out of about $200 million incited Hong Kong’s controllers to heighten crackdown on crypto fakes.

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