The hacker who stole from Uranium Finance may use “Magic: The Gathering” cards to get money.


In 2021, a hacker tried to steal money from the Uranium Finance DeFi platform. They may have tried to exchange the stolen money for “Magic: The Gathering” trading cards.

The person named ZachXBT posted a message on Thursday about a hacker who took 11,200 ETH from Tornado Cash in smaller amounts over the past year.

The hacker then did a bunch of transactions, changing the taken ETH to wrapped ETH (WETH), and moving it to another address. Then, the person changed it to USDC and used some of the money to buy “Magic: The Gathering” trading cards.

Some of the money was put into big trading sites like Kraken, Bitpay, and Coinbase.

The investigator said that depositing money into certain exchanges and buying trading cards might be a way to make it hard to find where the money came from.

This information probably has to do with the 2021 hack of Uranium Finance, a type of cryptocurrency exchange. It looks like there’s a connection between when the hacker put the stolen money into Tornado Cash, and when someone used that money to buy a MTG card.


“In March 2023, the Uranium hacker put 52 lots of 100 ETH into Tornado, and that person got 52 lots of 100 ETH,” ZachXBT explained. On March 6 and 14, a hacker put 52 lots of 100 coins of ETH into Tornado. On March 7 and 15, our friend took out a lot of money from Tornado.

ZachXBT said the hacker got a U. S broker to help them contact sellers and buy the trading cards. After talking to many sellers, ZachXBT found out that the buyer was buying a lot of things, like starter decks, alpha sets, and sealed boxes, and spending millions of dollars.

The hacker paid too much, about 5-10% more, for these items. The hacker sent cryptocurrency to the broker without sharing their identity with the sellers. They stayed completely anonymous.

Uranium Finance, a money platform like a bank but without one main authority, lost $50 million in a hack in 2021. A hacker found a mistake in the platform’s code that let them take money from the protocol.

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