Over $2 million was stolen from a secure wallet by someone. What’s happening

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Someone bad has taken more than $2 million from Safe Wallet users in the past week by tricking them with fake addresses. This has now affected a total of 21 people.

Many companies that protect digital money have found problems with certain transactions. This has caused Safe Wallet to lose $2 million.

On Dec 3, a company that helps catch scams in cryptocurrency, called Scam Sniffer, said on X (formerly Twitter) that 20 people’s wallets lost $2. 05 million because of a type of attack called address poisoning. They also said the same person took $5 million from 21 people in the past four months.


Dune analytics also said that Scam Sniffer found out which wallets were affected by the scam and when the assets were stolen. They think that address poisoning is to blame.

Address poisoning is a trick used by bad people to make users send their money to the wrong place. It means a hacker makes an address that looks almost the same, with the same beginning and ending.

The scammer sends small amounts of money to a wallet over and over, hoping to trick the victim into sending money to the same wallet.

The story of Florence Finance

Last week, Scam Sniffer said someone stole $1. 5 million worth of stuff using a fake address. Florence Finance got money from Safe Wallet sent to an address that has a bad transfer history.

The bad person used a special address to get the money and then changed it to a different type of money to avoid getting caught.

This has happened before, when Scam Sniffer said SlowMist had a problem with create3 and lost $1. 66

The company that keeps blockchain safe said that the transaction history screen only shows the last four numbers of wallet addresses, and this can trick people into copying the wrong address.

It was noted that one user was very lucky. Their wallet had $10 million, but they only lost $400,000 because of the address poisoning.

Users should be very careful to change the situation.

In the last few years, there have been a lot of cryptocurrency scams that have caused people to lose millions of dollars. This has made investors less confident and has led to more rules and inspections.

Hackers use different tricks to steal from online asset platforms, but if the platform and users keep a close eye on things and use extra security measures, they can stop or lessen some of these incidents.

Platforms can send a message when money is sent to a new wallet. Users should not only trust the history of the transaction and always double-check.

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