Forkast Cuts Majority of Editorial Staff After CryptoSlam Merger


Forkast Labs has let go of most of its writers and editors after joining with data provider CryptoSlam.

The crypto news website had to let go of some of its workers and eventually stopped writing new stories by the end of November.

In January, Forkast. News and CryptoSlam joined together to create a new company called Forkast Labs, which focuses on Web3 technology. However, the website that talks about cryptocurrency stopped posting articles and videos last month. The most recent article was posted on November 22nd.

“ForkastNews has changed its name to Forkast Labs,” the website now says.

According to a memo sent to the company’s staff last month, most of the editorial work has been combined with Forkast Labs after Forkast and CryptoSlam merged earlier this year. “In the future, we will pay more attention to the data. ”

Forkast Labs is a company that is interested in discovering and developing new things on the internet, like NFTs and the metaverse. In March, the company introduced a group of indices, including the Forkast 500 NFT Index, to show that it wants to be a leader in digital trends. It partnered with The Sandbox, showing that it is now a part of the metaverse indexing world.


CryptoSlam, a tool that keeps track of non-fungible tokens, started in 2018. In January 2022, it got $9 million in funding, with Animoca Brands leading the way. Yat Siu, the founder and chairman of Animoca, joined CryptoSlam and Forkast. News together Bloomberg reported this in January. News is part of the Animoca portfolio too.

ForekastNews began in 2018 and got $1. 7 million in 2021.

CoinDesk, a company that writes news about cryptocurrency, made big changes by getting rid of 45% of its writers in August. Later, Bullish, a crypto exchange led by former New York Stock Exchange President Tom Farley, bought it in a deal where they paid for it all in cash last month.

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